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If you're a homeowner or property owner looking for a roofer in Lima, Ohio, you've come to the right place. Hometown screens local roofers to bring you some of the most professional and affordable roofing companies in Lima, OH. Most companies go through a rigorous certification process from the product manufactures. Once they pass these tests, they are extremely knowledgeable on the correct procedures for installation.

Our goal is to make it simple to receive estimates from the most affordable and reliable roofers in Lima OH. Receiving a free estimate from a top local roofing company is the best way to get accurate roofing prices for the installation of a new roof or roof repair on your home.

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Hometown has not yet screened the roofing contractors below. Roofing companies that are listed are provided as a courtesy to the users of this site.

When you contact a roofing company in Lima directly, please notify the roofing contractor that you found them on Hometown Roofing Contractors.

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Unscreened roof contractors in Lima

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Hometown Roofing Contractors makes it simple to get a roofing estimate from qualified local roofing companies... just click on the "roofing estimate" button below. We'll have one of the best roofers in Lima, Ohio contact you to schedule an estimate.

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Keep in mind the cost of roof replacement in Lima, OH varies significantly based on the roofing contractor, size of the roof, and roofing materials selected. Metal roofs, slate roofs, tile roofs, shake roofs and asphalt shingle roofs vary widely in cost. Also, each type of roofing material has several different grades of quality. Roofing prices quoted by a roofing company in Lima, Ohio will reflect differences in roof size, roofing material, and grade of material.

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